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The Climate and Energy Efficiency Agency (KEEA) was founded by the following three companies in the year 2009: MUT Energy Systems, Limón and synovativ.

  • MUT Energy systems is specialized in the following fields of work: municipal energy and climate protection concepts, district concepts, CO2 and energy balancing as well as in the development of technical and planning measures.
  • The Limón GmbH is an expert in the fields of energy-efficiency consulting, production, energy monitoring and planning of decentralized energy supply systems.
  • The focus of synovativ is on process development, moderation and the raising of awareness among the parties involved.

The agency offers integrated concepts and feasibility studies. The services portfolio comprises the whole spectrum of energy and climate protection concepts as well as residential area concepts for cities, municipalities and rural districts. In addition, KEEA participates, among other things, in research projects and offers advisory services in the fields of energy-focused building refurbishment, renewable energies and sustainable urban developments.

The work of the Climate and Energy Efficiency Agency centers on the ideas and visions of our customers with respect to technical and planning-related power supply solutions for private persons, companies and public institutions. Particularly the interplay and complex dynamic between man, the environment and technology is in the foreground here. Looking at these aspects, both cooperation with local players and incorporation of locally anchored knowledge, is extremely important to us. Only thus, it is possible to establish successfully an effective and continuing development for an economically sustainable future which also promotes our quality of life.

KEEA combines large things with small things and theory with practice. Special attention is therefore given to a small-scale structural and technical realization of projects in coordination with the people on-site. This includes, in addition to the energy-focused building refurbishment, the realization of projects with a particular focus on the areas of energy production and supply by renewable energies.

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